Random Views of New York City

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Here are some random views of New York City. These pictures captured the beauty of New York City. From its landmarks, skyscrapers, bridges, modes of transportation and its own people.  Even visitors like me can look at it and marvel at its own character, a truly a metropolitan city that has lots to offer.

"In New York,Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There's nothing you can't do,Now you're in New York,These streets will make you feel brand new,The lights will inspire you,Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York"

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View of the Chrysler Building from our Hotel room  window at Waldorf Astoria.

One of the numerous New York City bridges.
Photo credit: Phaedra.

Rockefeller Center Building and a view of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Saks Fifth Ave Department Store.

My friends and I walked between Saks Fifth to Bergdorf Goodman  just to find the Tory Burch Cobalt Blue shoes. It turned out that it was only available at Bergdorf...

Bergdorf Goodman Department Store. It is beautiful inside!
Photo credit: Phaedra.

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue just right across from The Plaza Hotel. I love this modern glass architecture which best represents the innovation of Apple.

A beautiful New York City winter evening with the view of the Crescent Moon. The building in front is Bergdorf Goodman Department Store.

The evening view from Park Avenue beside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

On the Left is the view of the Metropolitan Museum. On the Right is The Plaza Hotel displaying both the United States and  Canada's flag.

View of the Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum.

On our way to Downtown New York on a clear winter Saturday afternoon.

A Horse carriage ride on Times Square passing through a New York Transit bus.
Photo credit: Phaedra.

Oh New York City, now you got me.
A City that has lots to offer.
It is a City that always entertains.
Next time, we will get to know each other more.

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