Juicy Couture in NYC

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During our visit to New York City last weekend, my girlfriends and I visited the Juicy Couture Store at 650 Fifth Avenue. Juicy Couture is usually not a store I would shop as I am not really a fan of its tracksuits. But I was very impressed with their store at NYC and the merchandise for sale in this store. This store offers products not usually sold in Juicy Couture Shops. Let's go shopping now in the store...

Juicy Couture Store is located at 650 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY. 

Juicy Couture was founded by two fashion obsessed friends Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash Taylor in Los Angeles, California in 1996. The company is now owned by Liz Claiborne Inc since 2003. To find out more about Gela Nash-Taylor:

Inside the store with grand chandelier and golden frames.  Such a classy interior design.

Beautiful pink bags made from the famous Juicy luxury tracksuit material and shoes  made in Canvas material!

Juicy colourful wrist bags and also a blue tote. Juicy sandals in the background.

More wrist bags and Totes.

Juicy Couture cardigans in stylish Orange or Yellow trim.

Juicy Couture dresses, tops and jackets.  They sell stylish clothes in this store! I was truly impressed!

Colour blocked dressed worn by the Mannequin. More dresses, tops, bags and accessories sold in the store. For the Moms, there is even a Children's section on the Second Floor.

Vibrant Spring colours in the sweaters, matching bags and accessories.

More colourful and stylish bags and accessories from Juicy Couture. These bags and accessories will be perfect for both Spring and Summer. The materials are light and colourful.

Juicy even sell jewellery! Here are the charm bracelets. In the background is a necklace. They also sell watches and bag charms. Even lap top and IPAD covers in stylish designs.

Peace and Love from Juicy Couture! Perfume sets for sale at Juicy Couture.

I have to admit that I normally do not shop at Juicy Couture. But this shop at 650 Fifth Avenue, New York, truly impressed me! I enjoyed shopping there. The staff were friendly and very helpful.  The design of the store was very classy. Very Fifth Avenue indeed! The prices of the products are also affordable and reasonable. I highly recommend visiting and shopping in this store. Believe me, even if you have no intention of buying any Juicy Couture, when you visit this store, you will end up buying something. It is a good souvenir too from your visit to New York City.

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