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I hope everybody had a fun, loving and cheerful festive celebration on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  I would like to share some of our Christmas celebrations in our home!

A Filipino Dish: Fresh Lumpia - made of freshly made crepes filled with cooked mixed vegetables.

Another Filipino Dish: Chicken stuffed with ground beef and Vienna Sausage. Colourful decorated with fruits:grapes, kiwi,pineapple and some vegetables -cucumber, olives and tomatoes.

Filipino Dish called "Palabok" noodles with Shrimp sauce, topped with Shrimp, pork and eggs. Beside it is the Beef Stew with mixed vegetables.

Sicilian Pizza with potato,sausage and onion filling. Beside it is the Classic Pizza with Tomato and Cheese. Behind it is the Fried breaded Shrimp.

Baked Macaroni with Cheese and Beef and behind it is my Mom's  special Ham cooked in pineapple juice and brown sugar then glazed with Strawberry jam.

Our table setting during our Christmas Eve Dinner. Inspired by the Nutrcraker soldiers. Each family member received a Craker surprise.

Our Nutracker Christmas Eve Dining Table.

Dessert Table.
On the Left: Spanish Cake-Sans Rival made of layers of meringue,topped with battered cream filling with nuts. Behind is the Leche Flan made of eggs custard. On the Right: White Rice Cake called "Puto", Macadamia Nut cookies and the Roll is called "Brazo de Mercedes" made up of Egg whites meringue and in the middle is the egg yolk cream.

My mom's specialty of Fruit Salad with creme sauce. Panettone with Creme Anglaise Sauce with chocolate topping. "Brazo de Mercedes" and Macadamia Nut cookie.

  On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus came to town. We all received our presents. We all had fun sharing and eating all these with our family and relatives on Christmas Day! Everybody was happy to see each other. It was a great party!

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