Aerin Lauder's Aspen Home

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Aerin Lauder is one of the women that I admire. She is the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, founder of the Estee Lauder Cosmetics Co. and daughter of Ronald and  Jo Carole Lauder. Aerin's lifestyle has been featured in countless Fashion and Decor magazines in America and around the world.  She best represents the Estee Lauder, not only in her own lifestyle but also  as the Creative Director and Vice President of Creative Marketing for 7 years. She is currently married to Eric Zinterhofer and has two sons.

Aerin will be launching her own company next year in the Fall. It will be her own Lifestyle based company under her own name, "Aerin."  Her own company will be selling her own lifestyle products like housewares,beauty products, among other things. Aerin has homes in Park Avenue,New York City  and a house in  Long Island, New York  which she inherited from her grandmother Estee Lauder.

The current November 2011 issue of  US Vogue Magazine, featured Aerin in one of her newer homes in Aspen, Colorado. This house was designed by Filipino born, New York based Interior Designer, Daniel Romualdez, who is the son of  Benjamin Romualdez, younger brother of former Philippine First Lady, Imelda Marcos. Daniel is a very talented and popular Interior Designer in New York. Mostly sought after by the New York High society. He has designed homes for Tory Burch and many other rich and famous New Yorkers. I will feature some of Daniel's work at a later blog.

I admire Aerin for many years now because despite being a heiress with all of their wealth and connections, she remains to be passionate and involved in her career, she has built a name for herself and seems to connect easily to people.  Her house featured at Vogue Magazine, shows her style of Luxurious simplicity.

Exterior photo of the house which blends naturally with the woods surrounding it.
Photo credit:Francois Halard, US Vogue, November 2011
Living Room with the wooden furniture, all white sofa covered with fur stole, wooden furniture and bare windows overlooking the Aspen mountains.Photo credit:Francois Halard, US Vogue, November 2011
“Aerin was very clear that she wanted a very simple house,” says Romualdez. “It’s really just a ski house, very informal, with an open kitchen so she can make breakfast for everyone and chat. She chose to avoid the billionaire neighborhoods like Red Mountain and go for something more local and low-key.” Photo credit:Francois Halard, US Vogue, November 2011

I love the luxurious simplicity of the Master Bedroom. Designed with low bed, fur bed cover,wooden furniture and ceiling to floor windows to take advantage of the mountain views.
Photo credit:Francois Halard, US Vogue, November 2011

Aerin's 2 sons, Jack and Will's bedroom featuring the common design theme  of the house - comfort, style  and simplicity.
Photo credit:Francois Halard, US Vogue, November 2011

Outdoor patio overlooking the mountains.
Photo credit:Francois Halard, US Vogue, November 2011

Aerin, stylish as ever in the Aspen Mountains.
Photo credit:Francois Halard, US Vogue, November 2011

Aerin with her sons, having fun in the snow.
 Photo credit:Francois Halard, US Vogue, November 2011

As written in November 2011 issue of Vogue Magazine:
"People will say, ‘It’s easy for her because she has all this money,’ ” says her friend and Hamptons neighbor Mickey Drexler, CEO of J.Crew. “But not many women in her position go out there and take the risk and put their vision on the line. She obviously wants to be independent. As someone who has had experience of family-controlled companies, I can say it ain’t easy.”

I totally agree, as only those individuals who has the vision, passion, determination and talent will be successful in their chosen fields. As Aerin does, despite all of their family wealth. She is brave enough  to establish her own company for now.

Sources:, November 2011 US Vogue Magazine,Photos by Francois Halard.
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