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I recently returned from traveling to the South of France - both the French Riviera and Provence.  While waiting in the airport here at Pearson International in Toronto, Canada and then at Heathrow Airport in London which is our connecting stop before flying into Nice, France, I observed some travel bags on display at  the stores on these Airports. Which one of these travel bags would you prefer? Which ones are practical and convenient for travel? How do you choose your travel bag?

As for me, I am always searching and testing travel bags. I  try some of my existing bags to see which ones are comfortable, spacious enough to fit my camera, wallet, passports, maps and other toiletries and cosmetics that I must bring during the flights and sightseeing.  I also  have to consider the weather in my destination in case it will rain or be sunny or is my destination sandy?  I also consider the season-Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? These are things to consider. Here are some of the travel bags that I found. Which ones will you choose and which one do you use for travel?


This Lacoste bag is spacious enough to carry a camera. The material makes if weather proof which is important when travelling.

Another Lacoste bag which is made of very strong material also weather  proof. Very colourful and can be carried on the shoulder or across the body.


Roots is a Canadian Leather  and Clothing goods brand. These are practical, spacious and well made leather Messenger bags offered in Black or Brown. The  front pockets can be used to store your Mobile phones and some cosmetics. It has  a zipper closure in the main compartment to store your wallet and passport. This Messenger bag can be carried on the shoulder or across the body.

Another Roots bag which is also spacious and weather proof.  This bag will add colour to your travel wardrobe.

Colourful Roots bags that are practical, spacious and weather proof. These are very stylish.


Tumi is an American manufacturer of luggages and travel bags. Founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford after a stint in the Peace Corps in Peru. These bags are leather or in nylon which are well designed, spacious and weather proof. I took this photo at Harrods at Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport in London UK.


Gerard Darel is a French brand known for clothing and bags. This is a very stylish blue leather shoulder bag which has lots of pockets for storage.Also very spacious and weather proof. The small pocket with zipper can be storage for coins or your lipstick. The flap pocket can be storage for the mobile phone. The strings on each side of the bag allows for the bag to be expanded for more space.  This can be worn during all 4 seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  This bag can only be purchased at Gerard Darel boutiques  and in Galeries Lafayette Department stores in France.


Longchamp is a French leather and luxury goods company. It was founded by Jean Cassgrain in 1948. It is famous for the "Le Pliage" folding travel bags both made in Canvas or leather. But Longchamp also makes other bags which are featured in their Fall/Winter collection. The bags featured above is known as the "Gloucester"  which was named after a London street and this line was designed by Kate Moss for Longchamp. This bag is also practical, spacious and stylish for traveling!

The "Gloucester" Bag designed by Kate Moss for Longchamp. It can be carried by hand or over the shoulder.


Celine is a French luxury brand designed by Phoebe Philo who is currently one of the talented and hottest designers. Anything she designed in both clothing, shoes and bags are highly coveted by fashionistas around the world. Her most famous design is the Celine  " Luggage" bag which really is a purse, as the British would say. For those who travel big and love big bags, this is the "IT" bag. This bag looks big but was  made of  thin leather and suede makes it very light to carry. It is definitely spacious and has lots of compartments inside. It has a zipper closure.  Definitely a stylish and practical way to travel!  But the size may make it difficult to store under the airplane seat or the over head compartment.


Hermes Birkin bag is definitely luxurious, chic and also very spacious way to travel! Definitely First Class!   A British Lady sitting near us on our flight from London, UK to Nice,France was traveling with her large  Hermes Birkin Bag.  She stored her Hermes Birkin on the over head compartment in the airplane.  The British Airways Flight Attendant offered  to help other passengers sitting in her row  to store their bags on the same overhead compartment of the Lady with the Birkin bag. She immediately, told the Flight Attendant to please be careful and not to "squash" the bag! So the Flight Attendant was not clear on which bag so he asked the Lady, "Which bag? The shopping plastic bag or the Birkin?" The Lady replied  " pls do not squash the Birkin!"


Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Bags are a perfect choice for travel. It is shaped like the iconic LV Speedy bag but has a strap which can be carried on the shoulder or  across the body. I say this is a perfect choice for travel as it is very soft, light, spacious and also weather proof.  The bags are made in leather or suede and the iconic LV Monogram.

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bags comes in different colours. It is perfect for travelling as it is very soft, light, not that big but spacious and can be carried on the shoulder or across the body. Louis Vuitton has perfected the art of travel!  This bag is luxurious, stylish  but discreet just like Sofia Coppola!

So which bag did I bring on this trip to Nice, France? Since I am traveling to the land of French Fashion, I decided to bring my Balenciaga in Granny  Green colour!


It was the first time I used my Balenciaga Arena Classic City  as a travel bag. This bag functioned really well as a travel bag.  I can carry it by hand or over the shoulder using the strap. It is very light even with many things stored inside. There are many compartments with the front pocket and there is also a big inside pocket with zipper. The zipper closures makes it safe. The soft leather makes it light to carry and also weather proof in the rain. The light colour made it also perfect under the sun!

The Balenciaga Bag  carried my camera, wallet, cosmetics and toiletries in the zip bag,  passport and Boarding pass documents, travel guide book and eye glasses. The front pocket stored my lipstick, Blackberry and mints. The inside pockets stored my pen, other currencies and luggage locks for security. Very convenient for traveling as the bag was not that big or too small. It was just right for traveling in the airport and when going sightseeing in the  various cities of  the French Riviera.

Part of traveling is the planning of which travel bags and luggage to bring,  what clothes and shoes to pack. In these different times of traveling, with luggage weight limits and tight security in the airports, it is very important to travel light! As the British Airways Customer Service lady told me, "it is not worth it to  carry too many bags when traveling!"  As there will be long walks in the Airport to get through Security, to your terminal and to your Airplane seat. It is important  to plan ahead on what you will bring and which travel bag you will carry throughout your trip!  The point of traveling is to enjoy every moment of it. As one of my girlfriends would say, "You don't want to look like  Bag Lady in a foreign city!"  Anyway,  hope you will look good and be comfortable in your travels. Bon Voyage!

Sources:  Hermes; Louis Vuitton;Wikipedia.
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