Travel Advisory- One Day in Zaragoza, Spain

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I would like to start by giving information about Train travel in Spain. One of the things I truly enjoy and take advantage of when traveling within Spain, Italy, France and the UK is their train service. They have Speed trains that can travel at over 300 km. One of the best ones is in Spain. You can purchase tickets and check timetables at their website RENFE. There is an English version and of course a Spanish version. Spain's speed train is called the AVE. Purchasing tickets on-line is very safe and efficient. You can pick the class - First class or Economy and can even pick the carriage and your own seats on-line. Then print your e-ticket before leaving  your country to board the train in Barcelona or Madrid.

The train trip from Barcelona to Madrid is 3 hrs. Their midpoint is Zaragoza, only 1 1/2 hrs by AVE Speed Train from Barcelona or Madrid. I highly suggest buying a ticket in First Class as it comes with a full meal served with stainless steel cutlery. The food is served by their own Train Attendants similar to the Flight Attendants. Riding in First Class is also more civilized, seats are spacious and very clean. There is even a movie shown!  Economy is not bad but you have to purchase your own food in the Train Cafe, it is usually crowded and noisy.

 Here is my Day Trip to Zaragoza

RENFE Spanish Train to Zaragoza.

Plaza Del Pilar.

The spires of the Basilica of Nuestra Senora Del Pilar.

 This is one of the pilgrimage sights in Spain. The story is that  Mother Mary miraculously appeared standing on top of   a Pillar along the Ebro River to a helpless St James, to give him  encouragement and to strengthen his faith to convert the locals to  Catholicism in Spain. Our Lady of the Pilar with it's rose scented Pillar is now displayed in this huge Basilica.  Devotees kiss a portion of the Pillar.  The pillar truly smell like roses!  The body of St James is now buried  in the Santiago De Compostela in Compostela, Spain which is one of the Ancient Pilgrimage sights after Jerusalem and Rome.

Our Lady of the Pilar

One of the Altars in the Basilica Del Pilar

Facade of the Basilica of Nuestra Senora Del Pilar

View of the Basilica Del Pilar along the Ebro River

 After a visit in the Basilica, we walked along the Plaza to visit Statue of Cesar Augusto who founded the city during the Roman times.  Then also view the huge fountain built for the Expo 2008.

Plaza del Pilar.

Visit the Cathedral de La Seo to view the beautiful Baroque chapels inside. The Cathedral was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2001

Francisco Goya Monument. Goya is one of Spain's great Art masters.

Stone Bridge is the oldest bridge that is still preserved over the Ebro River. Gothic in style.
Stone Bridge

Alfonso I  street from the Basilica Del Pilar where numerous restaurants and shops are located.

View of the Basilica Del Pilar from Alfonso I street where you can have lunch in one of the nearby restaurants and browse the shops.

Additional Places to visit:

1. Ibercaja Camon Aznar Museum - Paintings and Engravings by Goya
2. Museum of Zaragoza-Archaeology and Fine Arts
3. Aljaferia Palace

I would say, this is one day well spent visiting the sights of Zaragoza.Plus a pilgrimage to the Basilica Nuestra Senora Del Pilar and also the Cathedral La Seo gave me a feeling of peace. At the end of the day, back to the train station again to board our Ave Spreed Train back to Barcelona.

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