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 Proudly Canadian clothing store, Kit And Ace, have set up shop on Bloor Street.  Founded by Shannon and JJ Wilson, from the Wilson family that developed and owns LuluLemon, another Canadian fashion company known Worldwide for their stylish yoga clothes. They developed their own trademark luxury technical cashmere fabric which they used to design the clothes that are luxurious, stylish and comfortable both for men and women.  As I walked by their store, they had some really original advertising on their windows which are thought provoking questions that will make you think about your life. A life quiz that will make you take a moment to reflect about your present and where you will be heading in the future. Let's try this one out. Here are my answers. 
Right now, I am planning a trip to Italy in the Spring. I have visited Italy several times but this time, I have the chance to visit the other places that I have never visited. Then my family and I are hoping to visit the Holy Land, Jerusalem, some time in the Fall. 
A face throwing a kiss!
A face with winking eye,  puckering lips and a floating heart. Winking and kissing..most often friendly but potentially mildly flirtatious. If a face had hands, this would have been named "blowing a kiss."
 The title of my life story would probably be Riding My Wave, as my whole life I feel that I am riding the wave of life, believing, trusting and hoping that it will take me towards the right path to become a better person, better life and meeting better and good people.
Hopefully, happily married to the love of my life, strong and healthy and promoted to a higher level in my job that I will be happy to perform.
 I normally go for walks in the neighbourhood as this is the only time I can quiet and empty my mind and just let God and inspiration come to me. Of course, travelling never fails to inspire me from the culture, the sights, the people, the language, the food and fashion.
I think that selfies are narcissistic when done excessively. 

How about you?  Are you ready to answer them? Ready set go....

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  1. I am a BIG fan of Kit and Ace clothing, which is sold in many cities here in US. I discovered them by accident when I was in LA and now own 4 tee shirts and two pairs of pants. They feel amazing (and light weigh -- I often wear two at a time), are very, very comfortable, and travel like a breeze. And they fit. I'm a size 8 and it's a real size 8! So glad they are doing well in both Canada and the US.

  2. Their advertising is very original and fun, I like ur answers and u look also very cute in the selfie. Happy weekend! xo

  3. Great post dear. Love tour selfie!

  4. Very interesting to learn more about you! I have never heard of this brand but I will definitely remember it when I come across it next time!

  5. How fun! Love learning more about you, Pamela. And I can't wait for your Italy trip. Will be following along on Instagram.
    Happy almost spring :)

  6. PS - We leave for France and England this week. Will check out your travel section for shops and eateries.

  7. I never knew Kit and Ace is a Canadian label. Love their clothes, very luxe

  8. Very cool advertising!!!
    I love all your answers Pam and you are so pretty in your selfie!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  9. This is super!! I agree, too many selfies are a bit much!! I hope you have a marvellous week my dear xx


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